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    A scrapbook page for Yessie of the pictures we took when we delivered Princess to her on Christmas day. The little white friend sitting on the bed is Andy and was so excited to have a new playmate. H
Puppy Name Willow Now PRINCESS
Gender Female
The Family Yesse and Rachel Enriquez
Location Lubbock, Texas

We loved Princess since the day we picked her out for our daughter as a Christmas present (from santa). On Christmas day my daughter Yesse was so excited when the doorbell rang a Yesse was there in her crate. Terri has taken the time away from her family to deliver Princess. Terri expained that Princess still need to spend a few more weeks with her momma but that she wanted Yesse to visit whenever she wanted. Terri has given us a Yorkie that is well raised with feeding and potty trained. We have been very pleased with our Yorkie it is like having a new baby in the house because she is so tiny. We are going to enjoy her very much. Since Princess was for my daughter I am thinking I am going to need one for myself if my hubby approves...heheheh...Thank you Terri for giving us such a wonderful and well trained Yorkie!!! We love her soooo much!!!




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