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    Robbie flew to Lubbock to pick up her new little baby girl Daisy  
Puppy Name Daisy
Gender Female
The Family Robbie Herring
Location Georgetown, Texas
Email robbielh@aol.com

After losing my beloved Yorkie, I was looking for another little girl to love. I looked online, looked in my town, drove to other towns and finally flew to Lubbock to see Terri's dogs. The search was over! I found my Daisy waiting for me. In the process of my search, I found that many breeders are reluctant to let you see any dog except the one that you are interested in. I wasn't even allowed to meet the parent or parents at some breeders. At Yorkielicious, Terri is happy to show you all of her dogs and where they live and play. She is proud of her dogs and she should be! I met the entire group and they were happy, healthy and social. This was very important to me because my previous Yorkie was very unhealthy and frail. Terri's dogs were so special and I would have been happy to own any of them. terri is great to work with, too! she is more than willing to talk and work wi


Sire: Stewie the Family Guy
Dam: Martini Stirred Not Shaken


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