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Puppy Name Frasier
Gender Male
The Family Roger Bagwell
Location Lubbock, Texas 79424
Email roger_bagwell@yahoo.com

I just got Frasier over the weekend,i had met him a couple of time before and visited him at Terri's house. She has and amazing breeding facility with great stock to breed from. She has a very clean and well maintained facility and all the dogs are healthy and well taken care of. Frasier is an amazing dog with a great personality and is very playful. He is very content and fits right in very well Frasier is a very healthy and happy Yorkie. he has already taken control of the house and prances and thinks he is the boss. I am very thankful for Terri and her care for him before he came home. Once Frasier gets a little older, I hope to get another one. Thank you so very much, Terri.


Sire: Rossi
Dam: Martini


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