Our customer's Comments 

Puppy Name Athena
Gender Female
The Family Yahaira Cavazos
Location Larado

After looking for so long to find a Yorkie, we managed to spot on of Terri's posters at a Vet Clinic. From the first time I saw those Yorkies in the poster, I knew she was a good breeder. Terri's Yorkies are just way too cute and energetic. When my boyfriend took me to Terri's house to see the puppies I fell in love with them. Terri's is such a good person with a big heart and I respect her very much because she knows how to love and care for her Yorkies. All her Yorkies looked very happy and healthy. My puppy's name is Athena and she is adorable. She loves to jump around and run like crazy. She is very smart, healthy, loved and spoiled. Everywhere we go we always get compliments in regards to Athena. If you are looking to add something special to your family , look no more! Terri's Yorkies will sure make and excellent addition to your family and you will have no regrets.


Sire: Rossi
Dam: Phoebe


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