Past Yorkies We've owned


Whistlin Little Whitlee is Stormie and Nemmo baby girl. She stay small so she went to live with Amanda in New York. Rowdy posing pretty for the picture. He looks just like his momma Stormie Stormie and Nemmo little boy Jingles who turned out to be Rowdy when he got to his new home
Night time for little Rowdy. From what I her from his new mom his name suits him to a T Rowdy All Grown up! Isn't he just beautiful nice short cobby body little ear and most of all a beautiful face Little Miss LiLee Belle as a baby. Stormie and Nemmo's first baby.
My sweet little Martini Gracie Loo's first day at our home. She love to run and play in the yard Joe's little girl excited about picking up her new puppy Bogey
Brynes puppy getting checked out at the vet My daughters little girl Brinklee and her yellow duck Martini and Rossi's puppy Abby leaving to go to there new home.
Martini and Rossi's little Abbie One of Martini and Rossi's first puppies. LiLee
Homer Joshua and Martini and enjoying Josh's Senior night of Baseball Stormie and Rossi's little girl Lexie LiLee Belles are Ringings Christmas Card
Stormie's little boy Nick THe one and only time Martini played fetch and I happened to have my camera out! My three beautiful parti adults Stewie, Stella Bella and Gracie Loo
One of Gracie and Stewie's littler of pups Stewie and Gracie's first litter Spanky Darla and Petey  
Stormie and Martini before Stormie became the Alpha dog and now they stay away from one another Holly Bells are Ringing after she just won Best in Show at the local AKC Show. Holly and LiLee give each other kisses after their win and the AKC show
Dr. Bozemand and Melinda checking out Stewie after he got his shots.    
Here is the whole gang young and small Phoebe and Rossi's pretty little girl Athena Bailee helping me shop for flowers
LiLee and Rossi's little girl Boyston   Our pretty little Princess granddaughter Catherine and Mollee
Little Mollee as a puppy   Fenway finds him a safe place to enjoy the ride from Dallas to San Antonio
Frazier forgot that he was suppose to sleep in his crate not on top Gigi went went to a family of five and never touchs the ground LiLee and Ross's little girl Boyston
Martini's Bogey saying hello to LiLee's Oakley and Gracie's Birdie. They all live in Lamesa and get to see each other Elvis getting his ears groomed at the vet LiLee and Rossi'e Harlow
  Claire wanted a puppy just like Harlow. She waited four extra months for LiLee to have little Skippy  
Tthe one and only time Martini played catch and I just happen to have my camera out MEET PRESLEE OUR NEW LITTLE BOY. HE CAME TO US FROM PENN. I WILL GET HIM POST ON THE MAIN PAGE SOON LiLee and Rossi little boy



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