Purchase Date _______________________ Purchase Price _________________________
On this date YorkieLicious' Yorkies is selling and delivering a _______ (Gender) out of
___________________________ (Sire) and __________________________ (Dam)
born on _______________________ and with the AKC #_______________________ which are marked with (limited or unlimited) breeding rights.
By signing this contact, the purchaser understands that YorkieLicious cannot absolutely guarantee the size or disposition of a dog. We do not guarantee a dog that develops Hypoglycemia, retained baby teeth, hernias, or loose knees (patella).The purchaser must have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within forty-eight hours to validate this contract. If the dog is diagnosed as an unhealthy pet in the veterinarian’s opinion then the purchaser may return the dog immediately with a written report from a licensed vet with the vet’s phone number included. Upon doing this, the puppy will be replaced with the next available puppy of the same value. If the dog originally purchased was shipped and has to be replaced, then the purchaser will assume all shipping costs. If the purchaser chooses not to return the dog then he or she is accepting the dog “as-is” and this guarantee is null and void. If a dog dies before one year of age of any birth defects such as heart, kidney, or liver failure the dog will be replaced with the next available dog of the same value if the following conditions are met: (1) An autopsy must be done by The Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (979-845-3414) in order to state the cause of death as being a birth defect (2) The AKC paper must be returned to YorkieLicious as soon as possible. If an autopsy is not performed, then this guarantee is no longer valid and the dog will not be replaced. If any legal actions are brought against YorkieLicious the litigation must be in the jurisdiction of Lubbock, County in the state of Texas. The purchaser will assume any and all veterinarian costs and will waive charging any vet costs against YorkieLicious. Under no circumstances does YorkieLicious refund any cash money. If the purchaser chooses to resell this dog, then this guarantee is not valid for the next owner.
The purchaser will not receive the dog or the dog’s AKC (American Kennel Club) papers until this guarantee has been signed and sent back to YorkieLicious. After the puppy is 1 year old this guarantee is void. By signing this contract, the purchaser is at least 18 years of age and of sound mind and fully understands the terms of this contract. Thank you for your business and we hope
you have many years of happiness with your new Yorkie.








Terri Barnett




Lubbock, Texas 79423


Address __________________________________


(806) 441-6787






City, State, Zip _____________________________








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