You must provide me with the following information/paperwork before breeding.
- Written verification that states that your FEMALE has been vaccinated, dewormed, and tested with negative results for luxating patellas and STDs.
- A negative Brucellosis test report from a veterniarian within 10 days of breeding.
- A recent photo of the FEMALE (if scheduling a meeting is not practical).
- Although a veterinarian-issued health certificate is preferable, photocopies of health records will suffice.
- Registration and/or pedigree information if she is registered or pedigreed.

- Have good temperament
- Be at least two (2) years of age
- Be of appropriate weight to breed (4-7 lbs generally)
- Be in good health with up-to-date vaccinations and free of all parasites.
- Be brought or shipped to my stud

I, as the stud dog owner, will take all precautions necessary for the care and
well-being of the FEMALE. During her stay, she will be cared for as if she were my own. She will be exercised daily, and be fed as per owner's instructions. While the FEMALE is in her heat, she will be bred every 24-hours or as long as she will stand for him.

By signing this document you are agreeing to:

  • Keep the FEMALE confined and inaccessible to all other intact, male dogs after the mating to ensure that no other dog could breed her accidentally, before her heat cycle is finished.
  • Bring or arrange transportation of your FEMALE to my home for service.
  • In an emergency, if, after reasonable effort, the stud owner cannot locate the FEMALE owner in the case of emergency, the signature of the FEMALE owner on this document, hereby authorizes me to take whatever actions our authorized veterinarian recommends to maintain the health of the FEMALE.
  • Guarantee that any puppies will be sold as pets and on a Spay/Neuter Contract.
  • Not sell any puppy using terms such as, but not limited to, Teacup, super small, teddy bear faced, etc.
  • Not knowingly mislead potential buyers as to the quality of the pup.
  • Send me a picture of the entire litter for promotional purposes.


The stud fee agreed upon is $________ and is to be paid at the time of service, unless previously agreed upon. The stud fee is non-refundable in whole or in part.  No monies are returned or refundable.




The following requirements must be met in the case where a puppy is to
be received instead of a cash stud fee:

  • Stud owner has first choice of one puppy, either sex and any conformation
    - One puppy constitute as a litter, so if there is only one puppy, regardless
    of sex, this puppy shall be my choice of the litter, unless other negotiations have been agreed upon.
  • The FEMALE owner agrees to sign and release the puppy's registration certificate, once I have obtained the puppy, and agrees that the puppy’s registered name will be determined by me.
  • If no puppies survive to the time when the puppies may leave their mother (12 weeks), I have the right to receive full cash stud fee as covered above for breeding.
  • If the FEMALE fails to conceive, a return service at NO charge will be given to the same FEMALE provided the owner of the bitch notifies the stud dog owner within 40 days after the due date that no puppies were whelped.
  • If there is a failure to produce at least one (1) live-born or dead-born puppy then the original FEMALE will receive a 1 FREE stud service during her next heat.

     If no puppies result from the return service, this entire agreement is
    terminated and the stud owner/agent is released from any further
    obligation. (Exceptions may include first-time FEMALES and FEMALES that have had a hard time conceiving in the past. Maximum of three (3) services)

     I can provide local transportation for a fee. All transportation charges and veterinary expenses will be the responsibility of the FEMALE owner.

    I, as the stud owner, reserve the right to use pedigrees, photographs, Internet presence/web page and promotional materials of the litter for marketing purposes of my stud dog: It is specifically agreed hereby that I am
    not obligated to sign the litter registration of this litter until I have inspected the litter and the stud fee has been paid in full. In case of a puppy in lieu of puppy fee, I shall not sign litter registration application papers until I have possession of the puppy or puppies as agreed. It is further agreed that puppies produced from this breeding will not be knowingly sold or transferred to any owner, employees, agent or individual connected with a wholesaler of dogs.

    All conditions stated herein apply to the bitch and are not affected by change of ownership of the bitch.

    Circle One:

    Pick of Litter or Stud fee of: $______

    Stud Owner: _________________­­­______ Date: ____________________

Bitch Owner: _______________________ Date: ______________


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