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Should I buy Male or Female

SHOULD I BUY A MALE OR FEMALE? So many people looking for a pet Yorkie ask about adopting female puppies and just aren’t interested in male puppies. This may be because they have heard that males “mark” and “hump” or that females are sweeter or make better pets.
Many people don’t realize that in the wild a dog pack is usually run by females. The females in the pack determine the pack pecking order and they compete to keep their positions or to move up in the order. The Yorkshire Terrier is also a terrier breed–they were bred to be independent, feisty, and real go-getters. All this makes females more stubborn, territorial, and bossy. Females are usually more “alpha” in their behaviors and show their dominance by fighting, “humping”, and urine “marking”. (yes, females do these things.) Some females also tend to have mood swings. Some days they will be sweet and loving but other days will want little to do with you or worse yet-be grouchy!! Most fights that happen between dogs will be with two females, rarely between two males. There is a reason the dog term “bitch” is used in a bad way.

Males, on the other hand, are usually much more affectionate and are always seeking your attention. All my favorite dogs have been males, they are so loving and get very attached to their family. Males are more outgoing with far less moodiness than females. Males also retain the puppy playfulness as adults and are very eager to please you – this makes training them so much easier. Males are more fun-loving and take to children and other pets readily. Males are also less “bossy” and don’t bark as much as females.

If a male is neutered early (before 6 months old) he will rarely show those behaviors of fighting, “humping” or urine “marking” by lifting his leg. Some boys neutered early never learn to lift their leg because there is no testosterone after neutering. Some vets, mine included, will do early neutering at 15-20 weeks of age. This is becoming a very popular choice with families wanting a pet male, especially since there is less bleeding, less complications, and because the puppies heal so fast and never develop those undesirable behaviors.

To top it off, males are usually less expensive. Probably because of the idea that some people have about wanting females and also because there is a tendency in Yorkies to have more males than females in each litter.

All these points are things to consider when trying to find a puppy, of either sex, for your family. Your puppy should fit your lifestyle and personality – you will be living with your Yorkie for years to come. Whatever your choice a Yorkie from Yorkielicious will be socialized and loving to you and your family.